My life is like whoa

It’s gonna be a busy week. I will get you some really juicy reads soon, but first, here’s my excuse(s)  for being the opposite of a good blogger.

On my agenda:

  • Get a manuscript to my advisor
  • Cryofreeze and slice tissue for the eight millionth time
  • Histo the shiz out of some more slides
  • Decalcify some bones
  • Drive 11 hours for a wedding
  • Be in my awesome friend’s wedding
  • Make sure that the shirts get here in time for the race I don’t need to worry about this at all, because Core Concepts is supa-awesome!
  • Race packet stuffing
  • Set up a race course that is 70 miles long
  • Make sure athletes get their race packets
  • Attend another wedding
  • Direct a half-iron distance triathlon on Sunday

Good thing its only a medium week for my training… although I’m not sure when I’ll have time for a 120 mile ride between hauling tables, food, and race gear 45miles north of here in about seven separate trips and putting on the inaugural Koop. I’m thinking that packet stuffing might include some sort of assembly trainer ride.


Let me preface this post by stating:

#1: I am very super emphatically excited to be a bridesmaid in my friend, Katie’s, wedding. Not only do I get to see her (I haven’t seen her since I ran Whidbey in 2008), but I get to see all sorts of my Montanan collegemates!

#2: I absolutely love Katie and Rob’s wedding colors and I got to pick out my own style of dress! EXCITE!

Now, the bad news:

I have a huge side boob! The pleats somehow missed getting pleated, and the dress is frilly where it shouldn’t be. I am not a master-craftwoman at using the iron, either (do we even have an iron?). I guess I should have it steamed? Dry-cleaned? Altered? Something?

My boobs are not that big!!!! And I don’t want them to give that illusion! HELP!

At least the dress came early (it wasn’t supposed to be here until August 1st) and I have time to figure out how to pleat it juuuust right.

As a side note, I am usually a size 4, but my behemoth lungs take up a bit more real estate (the price you pay for a larger VO2max I suppose). One consequence of this: Dresses are usually tight around the rib cage (and roomy in the boob area). I bought this dress in a size 6, and its a little … constricting. Hopefully come wedding day I can fit into it, because I doubt any seamstress can take it out.