Could it be? The best “snack bar” ever?

After the brief stint of traveling over the weekend, Adam and I came back to Houghton late, exhausted, sluggish, and hungry. Who’d have guessed that a half-ironman would work up your appetite? (um… that was sarcasm) We had stopped at a restaurant in Hayward to grab some grub, but my brat (sans bun) and fries had already vacated my tummy. It girgled and I scrambled to find something to munch on. Cookies? Chips? Anything sounded good. That’s why I felt like a little kid on Christmas morning when I opened the mailbox to find a box from Larabar.

Let me start out by saying that, even if I hadn’t been starving and exhausted, I’d still have been super excited to see said box. I always grab a Larabar from Jim’s on my way home from the pool following afternoon swims, and it’s my number-one go-to-food for a deceivingly healthy snack. Regardless, I tore open the box and to my amazement, I got not one but three new-(not yet released) flavors of bars. I couldn’t stop smiling. And they all sounded amazing. The day just kept getting better.

My favorite food as a kid: Peanut butter and jelly. What did I get in the box? A PB&J larabar (well, actually two)! I thought the days of delicious PB&J ended when I gave up wheat and gluten. I doubt I’m the first to say: “Gluten free bread tastes and smells like cat food.”

The new flavor Larabar is by no way misleading. I bit into the bar and was brought back to a time when I ate Wonder Bread smeared with Jif and jam, only this bar tasted even better than that. Then I thought to myself, “ok… maybe I’m just really hungry. Maybe I should not get too excited about this just yet…”

So the next day, I grabbed the other peanut butter and jelly bar for a mid-ride snack. After my first bite, I knew I’d hit the jackpot. If Jim’s Foodmart doesn’t stock this flavor, I am going to have to order a few cases for my own secret stash. Scratch that: I think I am still going to have to order a few cases, anyway…

A few interesting facts about Larabar:

  • All their bars are gluten free, dairy free, soy-free, GMO-free, and vegan. So what could be in them that tastes good? They are practically the most simple food I’ve ever purchased ready-to-eat, besides dried fruit and nuts. That’s because Larabars are pretty much just fruit and nuts! The Peanut Butter and Jelly bar has peanuts, dried cherries, and dates. That’s it! Besides, I don’t think GMOs make anything taste better… but its good to know that what I am putting in my body is REAL FOOD!
  • The bars are tiny, but pack a lot of punch! The Peanut Butter & Jelly bar has 22o calories, which is about the same as a granola bar the same size (or less), but has 6g of protein! I am trying to get away from thinking of foods as macronutrients (carbs, fats, and proteins), but for those that need to consider this for dietary reasons, keep this in mind: would you rather eat something to eat it or eat something that tastes good, satisfies, and is good for you?!
  • It seriously satisfies. I could eat 200calories from a candy bar the size of my thumb and want seventeen more, or I could eat a Larabar and be happy. They also don’t melt or freeze, so they make the best training food. Slip one in your pocket and you can be outside for that much longer!
  • It’s real food. Dried cherries. Lemon juice. Dates. Almonds. Healthy, good-for-your-heart-and-soul foods. No hydrogenated oils. No fillers or additives that just don’t belong. Maybe that’s why it tastes better!

I’m really excited to try the two other flavors they sent along… But I won’t announce them just yet. You’ll have to come back tomorrow!