Three times fast

I just bought three pairs of shoes.

Now before you go all willy-nilly about “Oh how can she spend so much money on shoes when she’s a poor lil’ graduate student who always complains about not having any money?” Well, first: I don’t have any money. Second: I find the deals. Third: I do NOT compromise when it comes to running shoes. When my old ones are hitting retirement, I’ve got new ones on deck.

See that? Vegan isn't just a diet anymore.

I’ve never owned a pair of the Saucony Originals. I usually turn my retired trainers into my every-day shoe, and since I didn’t quite fit the mold for the ProGrid Omnis, they’ve been my around-the-lab shoe. But I feel kinda silly sometimes wearing running shoes to the office. And since I can’t wear Chacos (open-toed shoes), I thought I would check out the Originals. These babies were only $40 on saucony‘s website. They are Vegan Jazz Low Pros, and they are rad. Even with two sets of laces, these are totally granola-shoes, and they feel like slippers. I couldn’t resist.

My other two pairs? Training and racing shoes, of course. I’m stickin’ with my ProGrid Guide 3s, because they have just the right amount of support without being too pushy, and they are fairly lightweight. And my new marathon racer? I’m going to try out the Tangents. The Fastwitch 3s and 4s, which I’ve been racing in all summer, are blazing fast, but I am worried that I’ll fall apart around mile 21 like I did last year at the Columbus Marathon. So, I’m going with a little more support but sticking to a lightweight trainer. I’ll get a few MP runs in them before race day, of course.

Oh, yeah- and by buying a pair of shoes, I got 20% off apparel. So I couldn’t help buying a new pair of running shorts, too.