The joys of having a Kitchenaid countertop mixer include:

  • avoiding sore arms from making fresh whipped cream
  • enjoying  fresh whipped cream more often
  • freshly churned ice cream

Best gifts of the century goes to: the parents. Last year I received a Kitchenaid Classic Plus stand mixer from B’s parents, and this year I received a Kitchenaid ice cream maker adapter for it. Certainly the best investment ever for a gluten free clan. I didn’t want to get all boring on my first batch of batter so I started with the double chocolate goodness! The first thing I did was clean the ice cream bowl and threw it in the freezer for a good 24hours.

What I used:

3 c whole milk
1 c whipping cream
8 egg yolks
1 c cane sugar
Madagascar Bourbon vanilla (3 tsp)
salt (1/8 tsp)
sliced almonds (1/2c)
3/4 of a bar of dark chocolate (Green Dream)
3/4 of a bar of milk chocolate (Lake Champlain chocolate)

Heat the whipping cream and dark chocolate (chopped up) in a saucepan on low heat until the chocolate is melted. It was speckly and sunk to the bottom of the pan. Remove from heat and set aside.

Heat 2c of the whole milk until VERY hot but not boiling. Take off heat and set aside.

Mix egg yolks in mixer with a wire wisk, and add in sugar in a steady stream. Mix until egg/sugar is one consistency. Slowly add in whipping cream mixture, then somewhat-cooled whole milk. Mix until the same consistency.

Return the mixture to the stovetop and heat, not to boiling, and heat through. Then, pour into a container, add almonds and stir. Cover, and place in the fridge overnight.

The next day, I bought a bar of Lake Champlain Milk Chocolate from Jim’s Foodmart and chopped it up, threw it in the batter, and put the frozen bowl on the kitchen aid. Easy enough. I put the frozen bowl on the stand…

set the mixer to the first (slowest) setting, and slowly poured in the batter. Twenty minutes later:

Gluten free ice cream with a gluten free cone to boot! Nothing is better than the fresh homemade ice cream, even if it takes a few days… 😀