The world hasn’t ended.

Well, we survived. As if I was actually concerned. To be honest, it took listening to NPR at 4pm today to realize that today was the day that the Mayan calendar ended.

But whatever. Who cares.

What I care about is the fact that I now live with my husband. We started driving from Fort Collins, Colorado, at 6pm on Saturday and arrived in the beautifully foggy Saint Louis at around 9am on Sunday. We didn’t stop, we didn’t get a hotel, we just motored through the beautiful(ly dark) state of Kansas and all it has to offer (mostly, windmills). No rest for the wicked. We started unpacking everything we transported in the 12′ Penske truck into our new grown-up-married-peoples loft. Then, instead of resting, we went to get all my stuff from my house, and moved it into the new place. Then we unpacked. Made a trip to Bed Bath & Beyond. Unpacked some more. All on Sunday.

I slept like the world had ended that day. But alas, it didn’t.

Now that nearly everything is unpacked and put in its right place in our massive two-bedroom, two-bathroom loft in the city of Saint Louis, we are feeling settled in. We even reignited our tradition of Trainer T-days tonight, which was fantastic. Now, if only I could wake up before the sun rises, so I could get more track work in…

But who wants to settle in? We’ll be heading to Michigan on Saturday for some quality family time and more driving, because driving is what we love to do… right? It’s a good thing Baberaham makes a great travel buddy. Safe travels to all who will be traveling this weekend, whether it’s in a car, train, plane, boat, or whatever.



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