The life and times…

Adventuring back into the blogosphere is a challenge. I used to have it good when I was blogging, things were easy. I’d do something fun in training and post about it. I’d read blog posts of friends who were training for triathlons, like me, and see what they were eating, drinking, running, swimming, biking, yoga-ing, reading, watching, etcetera. I got comfortable with using the word “blog,” and I’d become so proficient at it that I could write a blog post while eating dinner or riding on the trainer. It would be a brain dump a few times a week (not nearly as frequently as I’d poop, of course), and voila- I had a virtual diary of my life and times for a good solid portion of my graduate school years.

And then, like a freight train, the real world hit me. Maybe I didn’t have anything exciting to blog about, or I didn’t have time, or I had too many excuses. My stint in competitive racing came to a screeching halt when I took on training for academics, also known as “mixed martial arts meets squash for your brain,” and that made me even less excited to blog, when all I had to blog about was how much it hurt to run 5 miles, how many times I banged my head against the wall trying to figure out an experiment, or how many bowls of ice cream I ate since the last time I rode my bike. Trust me, you don’t want to know. I gained weight, which made me even less excited than I had been about blogging, because who wants to listen to an out-of-shape fatty drone on and on about how hard it is to train when her motivation falls out the window at the mention of happy hour? Unless, the happy hour was at Tom’s, and fun stories were shared with fantastic coworkers.

Oops. See what I mean? I probably lost at least 50% of my readers just now.

So what am I going to talk about, as a washed up former age-group triathlete turned focused post-doctoral scientist? Well, probably not triathlon. But, you will likely see a lot of what I am embracing now: my runner self. I’ll remind you what it feels like to get back into shape (read: droning on and on about her dumpy self). OK, I’ll keep droning to a minimum. I’ll take you on explorations in St Louis, via bike and on foot, and share with you my favoritest, secretest (and some not-so-secret) spots that make me so happy to be living where I am. I’ll share testaments of my daily life, as an academic and an athlete regaining the reigns of her bad-ass self. I can’t wait to share with you pieces of me again, as I make my way down the ebb and flow of the life I lead. And I’ll share just how I am putting myself back together- This, my friends, will be the humpty dumpty story of a fitness fanatic who fell off the wagon. And I’m back, with some figurative super glue.


4 thoughts on “The life and times…

  1. Welcome back Megs!! I’m currently in my own personal real-world rut and I’m looking forward to reading how you’re getting along. You’ve always been a great motivator for me:)

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