Indoor Deluxe: KickAss Cave

When the weather is like this:

I depend on this:

Training is now rolling full steam ahead, and I am stoked. 3hr trainer ride? No problem. Masters swim every day of the week? I am down. I am feeling back into the groove, and it makes me grin from ear to ear. My rest days that much more worth it. I am ready to crack the whip. I bought a new swimsuit and got two new pairs of goggles. My cupboards are stocked and my freezer is loaded. I am ready to go.

I “remodeled” my living room into the KickAssCave and its sweet. I got new speakers, a shelf for my computer to sit (so I can watch all the Netflix and Daily Show I can handle), and I even have room for several bikes in case I have a trainer party. Not to mention room for a yoga mat. But, you see… I don’t do yoga…


I use my yoga mat for my favorite sort of torture: TriggerPoint Therapy. My Quadballer and Grid are getting in overtime lately, and I like it (as I wince).


12 thoughts on “Indoor Deluxe: KickAss Cave

  1. If I wasn’t confined to my little office in the basement I’d be right there with ya. You put a positive light on the tough part of winter training. I feel like getting on the trainer right now.

  2. Love the set up!! I need to get some TP stuff, I use a tennis ball and a crappy foam roller right now. It is on my list for my upcoming birthday.

  3. 3 hour trainer ride? I think I would rather listen to babies cry for three hours than spend 3 hours on the trainer, but it’s close.

    Thank goodness I do not start putting serious hours on that puppy for another few weeks. Here’s hoping the weather gets warmer—quickly!

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