A treat for my feet: Everstride Pro Therapy Foot Treatment Review

After Rev3 Cedar Point,  I had a serious case of bitching blisters. I made a stupid rookie mistake, except I wasn’t a rookie. See, I forgot to spray the insides of my running shoes with TriSlide before putting them on. I had sprayed my bike shoes before the race, I lubed up the wetsuit, and I even laced the running shoes with a ‘pre-lim’ spray before throwing them in the transition bag. But when it came time to put the shoes on in the changing tent, my TriSlide was nowhere to be found. I didn’t think much of it, since I had raced all season in these shoes and had never had a blister. But then I realized why I hadn’t had a blister: because I had lubed up every time.

Needless to say, after the first few miles, I started to feel my feet burning a little. Then stinging. Then, I felt like I was walking on this:When I got to the finish line, I couldn’t take off my shoes by myself. I didn’t want to. I was afraid of what I might find.

Finally, a volunteer sat me down and pulled them off, and the skin on the inside of my foot was no longer attached to my foot. It was gross. And, worse than that, I had never had a problem with blisters before. But, as it turns out, once you get them they have a nasty habit of coming back. It’s like herpes, only not contagious.

Which reminds me of the site I saw at a hotel I stayed at recently:

Please note: these aren't my belongings

Anyway, back to the big picture: Feet.

When I got back home, I found a package from EverStride waiting for me. I slapped on some Pro Therapy foot treatment once the wound had covered over with neoskin (that’s sciencetalk for “new”) and slid my feet into socks. I did this for about a week, and things appeared to be much better.

Now, again, back to the herpes-and-blisters comparison, my blisters weren’t totally gone after the Neosporin treatment and Everstride Pro Therapy. I had to stop wearing a different pair of shoes (the predecessor version of the ones that gave me the terrible blisters) because they, too, caused irritation. But, now that I have been running around in Kinvaras, my feet feel much happier.

So I have been using the Everstride therapy, now that my feet are all healed up, as a preventative measure. I’m hoping that by keeping my feet hydrated and happy (which is more difficult now that its cold out and I’m going to be swimming in the pool more…) will help to keep the blisters at bay.

The Everstride foot treatment has a pleasant, although slightly medicinal smell. I used it on my hands once or twice instead of regular hand lotion, and it left my hands feeling a little sticky. I guess I probably should have put on gloves and went to sleep. That reminds me of the book “Of Mice and Men”… Anyway, it’s meant for the feet, but it could be used as a hand treatment too. Get a pair of those el-cheapo-cotton elastic gloves (the ones I love to run with!) and it would be a great treatment for dry, chapped hands as well.

Everstride also makes an anti-chafing sport stick, kinda like BodyGlide. Only it has things like witchhazel and prickly pear extract, which help give your skin a little tingly sensation. It can also be used for helping restore cracked skin, too!

Do you have a problem with blisters? If so, what do you use to treat them?

3 thoughts on “A treat for my feet: Everstride Pro Therapy Foot Treatment Review

  1. I have feet that breakskin/leasions also….but from being to dry & I suppose the diabetis…more problems in winter. I’ve tried all kinds of foot creams but hope I can find this Everstride…I will look..Thanks Megan

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