Mizzou Rule #1: Never leave home without an umbrella

Update: My student loan check came through, so I am no longer desperately scraping for pennies to pay for my groceries. Woohoo! Thanks everyone for your thoughts and wishes.

If anyone finds this red hat, let me know!

My first day of work was not too outrageous. On the way in, I decided to walk to the Skinker Forest Park Ave Metrolink, which is a little more than a mile from my apartment, instead of taking the bus there. Somewhere between the Link and the Central West End, I lost my beloved hat. This would prove less than beneficial as the day’s events progressed. As an aside, I absolutely LOVE the Metrolink and am really excited about Saint Louis’s public transportation system, especially since employees of BJC and WashU get free passes.

I was about thirty minutes early to my form signing appointment, so I loitered in front and in the lobby of the bank. Eventually, the stack of papers was set in front of me in a specific order and all the things I’d need to know about being a post doc research scientist at WashU were in place. That is, except most things went over my head. I need a UPass, not a Metropass? I need a WUSTL key with a new password every five minutes? But I can’t get that for 24hrs to 30 days after I start? Oh, no wait, the UPass can take up to 30days, but the WUSTL key can take how long? Why is my email different than my computer log-in ID? Whatever, I’ll figure it out eventually.

It started to rain during the meeting, and the walk back to the medical school was dreary. I got situated at my desk, couldn’t log in to my computer, and started reading. The grumbly stomach started and I realized I hadn’t eaten since 6am (it was now 2pm), so I headed out into the blusteryness for some soup at Pickles Deli. And it was good (try their black bean and steak soup if they have it next time!). The soup was great, and I headed back to the office for some more reading.

Unfortunately, the rain decided to fall harder and in larger drops during early afternoon, and it just so happened that I needed to head home early to get my occupancy permit. I also didn’t have a hat, or a rain coat, or an umbrella. Instead of buying one at the bookstore (read my last post if you are curious why I wouldn’t do such a thing), I braved the weather. Of course, the MetroLink was dry. But the bus stop, not so much. While waiting for the #16 bus, a nice, young Chinese student offered to let me stand beneath his umbrella and we chatted while we waited. Hopefully I will run into him again and can share some chocolate under better weather conditions.

By the time the #16 bus came, I looked like a drowned rat, and I had to change my pants, shoes, and coat before heading out to City Hall to get my permit. But, now that the permit is taken care of, my list of “must-do’s” is dwindling even smaller, and I am feeling a little better about things every day.

I also learned my lesson: Never leave home without an umbrella. Actually, since I am still on the cheap for the next few months, I plan to just carry my rain jacket in my bag wherever I go. Even if its sunny and blue skies. I just don’t trust the weather in this state quite yet…

2 thoughts on “Mizzou Rule #1: Never leave home without an umbrella

  1. Hey-
    At least I’ll assure you you don’t have to worry about security on the Metrolink. My uncle is a Metrolink transit cop…the best one they have too! (I’ll tell you why sometime…too much to write here…haha)
    p.s. I got my proposal defense scheduled for this month!

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