Running away from my problems

I headed out yesterday for a wee little jog through Forest Park to scope out what everyone has been talking about. And, of course, to clear my head.

Dang, did I pick a good place to live. I am practically right across the street from the park, and although its a long-walkable-way from work, I’m really geeked to head through the park once I get a commuter bike.

Here are some (overexposed) shots during my run:

There were a lot of cool things I didn’t know were there, like a horse stable, a huge pond with lots of fountains by the art museum, and hills. Yes, hills. None of those Agate Street or Lahti Road hills, mind you, but the rolling terrain made me smile. I was supposed to keep my heart rate down, of course, so I think the smiling helped in that general area.

And the run was just what I needed. I have been on serious anxiety mode with the move and the new job, not because I am nervous or anxious, but because I am broke. Seriously, utterly, incredibly broke. The move cost a lot more than I expected, and with Missouri having nearly 10% sales tax, stocking up on things like garbage cans, brooms, and toilet paper really added up fast. Not to mention I had to fill my cupboards or risk starving to death, which I really probably could have lasted a week with all the post-season face-stuffing I’ve been doing, but let’s be honest, a girl’s gotta eat.

Luckily, I sold my mountain bike. Granted, I thought it was seriously unlucky at the time, and oooh how I did not want to part with that bike. I loved that bike. Steel, hardtail, race geometry. It was excellent in every measurable way. But I sold it and I am glad, because that money paid for the UHaul and gas. The sacrifices we make, yeah?

So anyway, back to the run; yesterday was a beautiful day- great temperatures, and instead of staying inside and moping about being broke and scrounging for money and throwing a pity party- I went for a run. Luckily, running is (for the purposes of this blog post) free. I don’t have to pay for a bus fare or drive my car anywhere- I can just put on my shoes and go. Plus, running is a great stress reliever, and by the time I got to an hour, my mind was more clear and I could prioritize my spending so I could use my money wisely.

I know the saying: It’s only money. But it’s only money when you have enough money to get you by. I was really, really worried that I wouldn’t have enough money to pay rent or to make a car payment. I’ve never really worried about these things before, mostly because I’ve lived in relatively cheap (ok, dirt cheap) places with incredibly low cost-of-living expenses. I mean, Montana didn’t even have sales tax!

I guess this is some more of that “growing up” stuff? I’m just glad that I get am starting to train more regularly this week.

7 thoughts on “Running away from my problems

  1. I know it is tough to move to a new city. I was in Forest Park yesterday as well. I am laid off from running for a bit (and going crazy!), so I can’t meet you to run for a bit. I would be more than happy to buy you lunch or coffee if you are free.

  2. Megan, work hard and things will come together for you. Sounds like you’ve done the right thing. It seems overwhelming right now, but you’re just looking at the whole package. When things get tough, do what I do late in marathons. Instead of focusing on how miles are left. I focus on one step at a time; left, right, repeat. Eventually, I always end up finishing the race and you’ll finish this. I believe in you. your friends and family believe in you. You’ll be fine!

  3. Deep breaths! Have anything to craigslist? Sometimes when I am jonsing for a $20 in my pocket I just get rid of something in the garage to have some spending cash. I often don’t actually spend it, but it’s nice to feel like I have it if I want to.

  4. Ujai breathing (I went to yoga today)! Keep your chin up and when you feel a bit overwhelmed…..go run in that awesome park again. Things will be looking up sooner than you think!

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