Frugal Gluten Free Girl: Oatmealed Acorn Squash

With my bi-weekly buy-in of community supported agriculture, I got a lot of squash. I love squash, but Baberaham isn’t such a fan. Nonetheless, I’ve found these delicious fruit easy to prepare. As a bonus, if you are to buy squash from a grocery store or farmer’s market, it’s pretty stinkin’ cheap.

Tonight, I scraped together experimented with stuff we had in our cupboards. I came across the following and made it into a meal:

2 small acorn squash
1 c steel-cut oats
1c milk
1c water
1/2c pecans, chopped
sea salt, to taste

I halved the acorn squash, saved the seeds, set the squash on a cookie sheet insides up, and baked them at 375F for 30 minutes, and then an hour at 350F. After dropping the temp on the oven for the squash, I started cooking the oats with 1c water and 1c skim milk to make them a little creamy.

Once the oats and squash were done (I could tell the squash was done by the “fork test”- when the fork goes in easy, its done!), I laid the squash insides-up on a plate and covered the inside with chopped pecans (about 2tbsp for each half). Then, I drizzled about 1/2 tbsp of honey on the pecans.

After adding the pecans and honey, I filled the squash halves to the brim with hot oats. That’s it!

Eating it from the outside in is the best way to get all the flavors. Each bite should contain some squash, oats, and pecans. The slight sweetness of the honey blended with the sea salt makes this dish irresistable (at least, to me!).

For me tonight, this meal was practically free, because I was using up milk that was close to expiring, I was eating squash that has been sitting on our counter for weeks, and I found a bag of steel-cut oats behind the crackers in the cupboard. But! If you were to go to the store and buy all these things, it would work out something like this:

McCann’s Steel-Cut Oats– 1lb box that will last you a while- $3.59
2 acorn squash – $2
honey, 12oz – $2
1c milk – 50cents

I eat big, so this was enough for two meals in my eyes. But, if you want to divvy up the calories, it could feed four. Let me know if you try this dish!

Edit: OH YEAH! I forgot to add… I made pepitas out of the leftover seeds. Traditionally, pepitas are made from pumpkin seeds, but to be honest, acorn squash seeds taste just the same. There are fewer seeds, but why let ’em go to waste? I just peeled away the “gunk”, put them in a bowl, sprinkled them with sea salt, pepper, and 2 tbsp olive oil, and then baked them at 350F for ~5-10 minutes- while I was preparing the oatmealed squash. Once they started to brown and swell a very small amount, I knew they were done. Delish!


7 thoughts on “Frugal Gluten Free Girl: Oatmealed Acorn Squash

    • It was SO easy! Unbelievably easy. That’s one thing I like about squash- cut it in half and put it in the oven and it basically takes care of itself.

  1. I was actually in the process of making stuffed acorn squash for dinner when I read this post. Who knew.

    Protip – you can speed the whole thing up (useful if you’re trying to prepare dinner for 6 in an hour) by microwaving the squash for 12 minutes on high in a microwave safe dish (I used a Pyrex pan).

  2. Megan – thanks for posting this. I’ve never had an acorn squash before, but picked one up at the grocery this week. I was unsure what I’d do with it, how long to cook it, etc. May have to try this idea!

  3. Wow. I’ve made baked acorn squash a lot, but my recipe sucks balls compared to yours.

    I’m loving the idea of the oats and the pecans. I’ve got some oats and slivered almonds at home. I’m def trying to experiment based on your recipe this weekend. Maybe some brown sugar, cinnamon or maple syrup too. Nomnomnom.

  4. I don’t know why I’ve never thought about stuffing an acorn squash. What a great idea.

    I used to eat steel cut oats, but since I found Coach’s oats that’s what I use. So much easier to make. I think they are available at most Costcos.

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