Final Countdown.

It’s the final countdown.

I have one whole work day before my defense.


There have been good things about this week, including a happy advisor, a helpful boyfriend, and FTD’d flowers:

And there have been frustrating things, like doing TUNEL from 10am-8pm (why did I decide to do that this week?), having a terrible rehearsal with said happy advisor, and this:

I’ve had some nightmares (including the one where I leave to head to the bar after my defense, but I’m not actually supposed to ‘leave,’ I’m just supposed to sit in the hallway and wait for my committee to make a decision). I’ve had some stress-relieving runs. I’ve even had some ice cream (that isn’t entirely unbelievable, if you have ever met me):

So, the hay is in the barn, so to speak. At least, that’s how I’d approach this if it were an Ultraman.

Now, let’s just hope that Friday doesn’t end with me doing any of these activities:

This however, is totally acceptable:

9 thoughts on “Final Countdown.

  1. The last one is totally required and accepted as long as I get to participate again!!
    Good luck! I’m sure you will rock it!

  2. very exciting πŸ™‚ although i have to say my defense was pretty anti climactic. at least there was a good party afterwards πŸ˜‰ and keeping busy isn’t a bad thing, it keeps your mind off things!! just caught your tag, i hope to have a chance to it this weekend πŸ™‚ thanks!

  3. This is HUGE, congrats!!! Surely, you’re done by now (no doubt you passed with flying colors, yes?? Tell us all about it!!) and hopefully you’re hungover like hell πŸ˜› You are totally my hero (a badass triathlete AND a PhD). Congrats again!

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