Eye candy

A few posts ago, I blogged about my solo ride through the Keweenaw. Looking at that post made me want to run to the living room and caress my gorgeous steed. Yes, I know. I’m talking about my bike.

But really, it’s gorgeous.

As I finagled with the bars (in hopes that they won’t let me down on my ride tomorrow) and readjusted the elbow pads (so that I could possibly be more aero, or at least more something instead from sucking), I couldn’t help by glow when I saw the beautiful lime green and blue paint and the gorgeous white saddle. The shiny top coat, the blue bar tape, and The Bike Shop sticker. The integrated cable routing and the special bottom bracket that is so beefy… (screeeeeaaach!)


But, even though I could fantasize all day about this beauty, I was longing for more. Something… something was missing.

And then this bad boy showed up at The Bike Shop.

It’s like I bought it a sexy new outfit. Not that it needed it. Seriously. I mean, really.

But you can see my point.

So now I have a single, front race wheel (still saving up for that rear one, ya know; grad student stipend and all), and I’ve got a fancy new tire to go with it. I’m even considering rocking some latex tubes.

Wow, this post just got out a little of hand.


10 thoughts on “Eye candy

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  2. If you wanted to borrow a pic from my blog, you should’ve just asked before stealing it.. I mean c’mon now.. Common blogger courtesy. πŸ˜‰

    But don’t forget about the sexiness of the horizontal chain stays! For some reason I think those things just look wicked cool, flaring up right at the end to meet the rear wheel/cassette.

    And it is pretty hilarious that you did just buy one wheel, but I’ve been eying that same wheel for a while too! We have the same Saucony vegan shoes and the same taste in wheels.

    I’m actually renting a set of SRAMs for Cedar point. Partly because the silver will just look extra cool with my blue/silver bike. πŸ˜‰

  3. Congrats! I’ve got a pair of SRAM S60’s and I love them.

    You might just want to see if you can put a wheelbuilder disc cover on your current rear wheel. It’ll be cheaper and actually probably more aero than a rear S60 or S80.

    • Yeah, I actually ordered a wheelbuilder disc cover, but they refunded my money because they “don’t do Shimano wheels”- bummer! and if i buy a new wheel for them to build a disc cover for, i might as well buy a aero wheel.

      • Ahh, I ran into the same thing myself. I have the standard Shimano R550 wheels on my Cervelo P2. That (and a great deal) was why I ended up with with dual S60’s.

        I’ll probably put a Wheelcover is on the back eventually, but first I wanted to get used to the handling in cross winds. I live in Oklahoma where a 20mph is pretty much normal any time of year.

        Good luck with your new.. um.. your bike’s new clothes.

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