Let me preface this post by stating:

#1: I am very super emphatically excited to be a bridesmaid in my friend, Katie’s, wedding. Not only do I get to see her (I haven’t seen her since I ran Whidbey in 2008), but I get to see all sorts of my Montanan collegemates!

#2: I absolutely love Katie and Rob’s wedding colors and I got to pick out my own style of dress! EXCITE!

Now, the bad news:

I have a huge side boob! The pleats somehow missed getting pleated, and the dress is frilly where it shouldn’t be. I am not a master-craftwoman at using the iron, either (do we even have an iron?). I guess I should have it steamed? Dry-cleaned? Altered? Something?

My boobs are not that big!!!! And I don’t want them to give that illusion! HELP!

At least the dress came early (it wasn’t supposed to be here until August 1st) and I have time to figure out how to pleat it juuuust right.

As a side note, I am usually a size 4, but my behemoth lungs take up a bit more real estate (the price you pay for a larger VO2max I suppose). One consequence of this: Dresses are usually tight around the rib cage (and roomy in the boob area). I bought this dress in a size 6, and its a little … constricting. Hopefully come wedding day I can fit into it, because I doubt any seamstress can take it out.


4 thoughts on “OMG WTF DB!

  1. I have heard nothing but bad things about David’s Bridal which is why I avoided them like the plague with my wedding. I hope you can get it figured out! I know an amazing seamstress in Southern MN (she turned my button up wedding gown into a lace up!) but that probably doesn’t help you.

  2. Side boob is when the boob is showing from the side. Usually occurs when there is too much boob and too little dress. If I understand it right, you’ve got a bit too much dress.

    Would a little or a lot of stuffing help? Could be dual use as you’d have handy access to a Kleenex if you cry at weddings.

    • Ha! Thanks for clarifying. You’re totally right. I got sideboobed by a woman at breakfast this weekend- she totally leaned right into me with it. ick.

      With my luck, stuffing wouldn’t work, and I’d end up having a kleenex mishap.

  3. Hun, just take it into a taylor. They will fix you up lickity split in no time. Also, bridesmaid dresses are always built with lots of extra seam allowance to be taken in or out, so that same taylor should be able to take out the rib cage for you as well. You will be surprised. Even a crappy taylor can work magic.

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