Update – Rev3 Quassy

The numbers:

Swim- 37:04 (1:55min/100m) – 8th in my division and 67th for women (eeeeek)

T1- 1:53 (scored ELEVEN (yep, 1-1) places in T1 alone)

Bike- 3:00:54 (18.57mph) – started in 56th, bumped me up to 37th woman- 3rd in my division

T2- 1:29 (scored another spot in T2)

Run- 1:42:26 (7:49min/mile) – started in 36th for women, came in at 25th (13th for age group women) and 2nd in my age group- behind Lindsay Wohlers who won her age group at Kona last year…

The course:

Read anyone else’s blog about Rev3 Quassy and you will see one word in each and every post: hills. Although I didn’t think the course was too overly technical, the hills were a force to be reckoned with. I drove the course on Friday so I had a good idea about where, when, and what the hills were. To be honest, the long, grueling climb at mile 24 (that lasted until mile 31) wasn’t all that bad. It was the steeper, shorter climbs earlier and afterward that stung.

And the run, well… the run was grueling and awesome. It started with a gradual downhill for the first mile and a half, and then started to climb- but it was deceiving. It was a rinky-dink little climb on Tuttle Road, and it seemed so easy. And then turning the corner, where I expected the behemoth of a climb, it was still easy. And then came the gravel part of the course, and the steep section (and I mean steep):

Near the end (specifically, in the LAST mile) there was one bitchuva hill with a 8% grade and it made me want to cry. I wanted to be done at that point. But I think it made everyone want to cry, because a guy I passed on it was mumbling something or another about hating his life at the moment.

My nutrition:

Pre race, I had several handfuls of Peanut Butter Panda Puffs and a spoonful of peanut butter. I drank a bottle of EFS with breakfast. On race site about an hour before the race, I sipped 1 scoop PreRace and 1 scoop EFS.

During the race, I thought I drank more water today than I did on the bike at IMWI, but I didn’t. I was close though… It was hot and humid, and I went through an entire bottle (50 oz) of Fruit Punch EFS and probably another 24oz of straight water on the bike alone. I had a flask of EFS Liquid Shot on the bike but I didn’t drink the whole thing (and it got chucked off my bike and I had to stop around mile 32 – a downhill section no less- to pick it up so I didn’t get penalized… uuugh).

On the run, I drank a flask full of EFS and then grabbed water at aid stations after mile 3. I sipped more on my Liquid Shot because it was still in my pocket. I started drinking cola around mile 6, but it wasn’t flat so by the time I got to mile 10.5, the running/bouncing made my stomach turn into a shaken bottle of cola (and I regurgitated cola bubbles, which of all things to have come up, I was pretty stoked). Didn’t take any aid after mile 11, and didn’t need it.


My Trakkers device failed to get a good signal, and apparently around mile 6 it shut down. Sorry for anyone that was following my progress. I was bummed to see it had shut itself off by the time I was done. I was hoping you guys would see my 40+mph descents. Cell service and GPS reception is not very good in Middlebury- it’s like a black hole, apparently.
Full race report to come soon!


5 thoughts on “Update – Rev3 Quassy

  1. You Rock! I love following you. Inspiring!!

    I ran the River Gorge 5k which was part of the Twin Peaks event here in Marquette. With all the health challenges I was looking to finish–but much to my surpirse I was the third woman in πŸ™‚ (albeit a small field of runners). I went out slow, slow and paced behind a couple runners for the fisrt lap–then half way thru I picked up the pace and finished 46:02. Slow. But good. No gastric issues. No body cramping. I’m on the mend πŸ™‚

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