All’s quiet on the homefront

…except the incessant coughing of me and my roommate and the fits of phlegm I cough up in the middle of the night.

I was pretty bummed to have got sick right before my first tri of the season. On Saturday (the day before the race), I couldn’t breathe without feeling a sharp pain on my kidneys, and my lungs wouldn’t expand no matter how slow I breathed. I probably took too many puffs from my inhaler than were healthy, popped an entire box of Dayquil, and drank a gallon of OJ. And I still couldn’t kick the funk.

Now, after the race and all the traveling, I have no voice and I haven’t trained since the race.

I am sore (from NOT training), beyond antsy, and I want to cry because all I really want to do is ride my bike for a few hours and go for a run.  Heck, I’ll even take a few hours in the pool. But I am afraid that anything I do will put me back even further.

So I will wait. Sit on my hands (literally). I guess its a good time to get work done, anyway.

I have a big week of training next week, including American Triple T in Ohio next weekend. I’m not sure if I will be making the trip. If I feel like this, driving for 20 hours each way probably isn’t going to help my lungs get any better…

this isn’t supposed to be a woe-is-me post. I’m kind of floating around in training land trying to figure out what is ok and what is not ok for me to be doing.


4 thoughts on “All’s quiet on the homefront

  1. I think there’s something going around right now! The wife and I are now suffering through a pretty terrible head cold, and I’m not sure how great running is going to be today.

    Colds can’t spread through the internet, right?

  2. I know how you feel! I have gone through that – must rest, want to train, must rest, want to train a few times! Rest up, your body needs it esp. after that long trip!! Feel better!!!

  3. Sorry you’re feeling yucky. But here’s my two cents:

    You’re sore from not training. That happens to me too. I know you’re scared to push yourself in training, but why not try a LIGHT spin or short swim to keep the muscles loose? Think of doing some “active recovery” to keep things moving. As long as you keep things easy, you should be fine. I would advocate swimming if you can breathe properly. It would be good for your muscles.

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