Utah or bust: Day 4- Ibex

Our last full day in Utah was spent in the desert, about three hours southwest of SLC in a place known as Ibex. It was quite an interesting trip. We shot some guns, drove fast across the lake beds, and climbed around. Rather, I hobbled around and tried to run across the lake, without any success whatsoever (DOMS, anyone?).

Here’s some photos that can do the trip more justice than my words:

Driving to the lake bed and ripping it up

Finding the next best send

Shootin the car

My new best friend

B rockin

Sand dune festivities

Getting the good views

Shooting more stuff, this time- its chips.

We left on Day 5. We went up Big Cottonwood before heading to the Red Iguana for lunch and a mohito. This was quite possibly the best food-cation I’ve ever had. Never once was I plagued with a “oh what will I eat off the salad menu” ordeal because of my gfree diet. The Red Iguana was interesting. It was in a not-as-fancy side of town (I’ll leave it at that) and it seemed like kind of a hole in the wall, but I guess all the best places do! I ordered a mohito, and it was sweet and minty but not overpowering whatsoever. Perfect balance of lime and mint. Foodwise- I ordered the enchiladas suizas, which were made with avocado and sour cream chicken and (mmmm….)mole. Seriously, this was the most delicious mole I have ever tasted. I wanted to cry because I couldn’t eat the entire helping (but I made Marc take it home because it was just too good to throw away). The mole was nutty, cocoa-y, and smooth. Didn’t taste burnt or sugary, just savor-flavor inside my mouth. Amazing. Best way to leave the city.

Best. Mexifood. Ever.


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