Salt Lake or Bust: Race Day Extras

Race day went just as planned. I had a great night’s sleep, a good breakfast, no stomach issues at all. It was moderately stressful having to drive Nancy (Marc’s truck) to the race start, but I managed. I felt great during the whole race. Weaving in and out of people, running faster and faster… my feet were happy and my energy levels were well maintained. I decided to lay down the hammer at mile 20, and the last six miles were practically all faster than the rest*.

After the race, B and I hobbled around the parking lot, and eventually Marc found us and took us back to his house so we could shower. We rolled out to Kathmandu, an Indian and Nepali restaurant that Marc’s roommate heavily recommended. Joyous praise to Jimmy was made when we arrived to the Nepali buffet with 15min to spare. As I am typically adamently opposed to buffets, especially those of the American or Chinese variety, I was very impressed with Kathmandu’s feast. They had tandoori, as well as papadom, aloo ko achar, boti, and korma. My favorite was the chicken korma, and my first helping didn’t have any of the big chunks of chicken in it (go figure, I didn’t dig the spoon deep enough into the pot!). It was sooo good.

Chicken korma on basmati rice at Kathmandu

After lunch we stopped by a State Liquor Store, because the only place to purchase booze in Utah is at a designated state-run liquor store. Oddly enough, these stores do not sell other items, such as Coca-Cola or Snickers, so I was a bit disappointed, but I found a bottle of whiskey that probably didn’t need any help from secondary items.

High West Rendevous Rye Whiskey, distilled in Park City

E loves champagne.

It wasnt all that difficult to fall asleep. My legs were sore and my eyes were tired. I had a small glass of whiskey and hit the sack.

*practically all… one mile was a little slower, as it was mostly all up hill (and quite a long, steep uphill, I might add)


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