Salt Lake or Bust: Day 1

As many of you know (as was emphasized in my last post), Baberaham and I ventured to Salt Lake City, Utah, to knock Utah off my list and his first open marathon off his. Since it’s always better to kill two birds with one stone, I picked SLC because my old pseudo-roommate Marc lives there. Marc and I ran our first-ever marathons together, and little did he know what he was getting himself into. Since Napa in ’07, Marc and I have met up practically every year, and SLC was our third road marathon/half that we signed up for together (sort of).

My other old pseudo-roomie, Erik, headed down from Bozeman, Montana, to meet up with us. Although he’s not exactly a fan of running, he is a fan of Utah’s climbing and roomie reunions. He picked us up from the airport and immediately took us to his favorite food joint, Barbacoa’s. It was quite tasty, and I was lucky enough to find a bike shop next door that sold EFS Liquid Shot (since I wasn’t able to bring my big bottle along). Sha-wing. When Marc was done with his afternoon exam, the four of us ventured out into the wilderness. What better way to explore SLC than by heading to Little Cottonwood for some bouldering festivities. We stopped at a Sev (one of a bajillion 7-11s in SLC) on the way and grabbed a Slurpie and some snacks.

Erik bouldering in Little Cottonwood

Neither B nor I brought our climbing shoes, and I was kicking myself. But, like always, I enjoyed watching Erik and Marc climb. I was also the videographer for the weekend. Luckily, Erik can do good work with video, and I’m looking forward to what he puts together.  Here’s a little recap with some cool photos that you can check out on his blog, Bouldering Montana.

More EC being BA in LC.

After watching a few serious sends*, I tried to keep hydrated to minimize the altitude effects. Chug chug chug, slurpie style. Here’s some more flashy sights from our sweet trip to Little Cottonwood:

E getting creative on his downclimb

M sending

That evening, the four of us headed out for some great Thai cuisine at Chanon Thai Cafe. On the way, we passed a crazy warehouse place called Taffy Town, and I knew we’d be hitting that up at a later time. It is quite possible that Chanon had the best curry I’ve ever tasted before in my life, and I didn’t even order it. Delicious, and great food to end a great first day in Utah.

*Send: verb– to unfaulteringly climb to the top of a boulder route.


3 thoughts on “Salt Lake or Bust: Day 1

  1. Oh my gosh! My husband would be in heaven. We don’t have very good bouldering here unfortunately. We are actually looking forward to the climbing in Spokane when we move there this summer. I heard the climbing was excellent! I need to get my climbing muscles back badly. 😉

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