Looking forward before digging deep.

Today, the wind was blustery and the snowflakes flew. I knew it. I knew it was going to happen. Did I not call it? Sometimes I hate being right. I told my advisor today I am a pessimist, but only in times when I don’t feel like getting my hopes up (or crushed, in this case).

All I wanted to do was ride my bike on a beautiful Friday afternoon for a few hours, but in hindsight, I was glad the weather was sour. I had a lot of work to do on campus, so sneaking away for the afternoon would have been bad in the end. Anyway, as I wait patiently for Spring numero dos to arrive, I’d like to share with you some things I look forward to…

Salt Lake City Marathon – My first marathon at elevation, Baberaham will be running his first open running race ever (seriously), and I am hoping to help him get to a 3:40. Plus, I will get to visit with my old roomie, Marc, and see the sights of Salt Lake. Yaay, mountains!

American Triple T – Three days, 4 races, and an iron-distance worth of racing. I am stoked. This will be the first tri of the season for me, and it is a weekend full of ’em.

Minnesota Mountain Bike Series The title sponsor for the 2010 season is Peace Coffee, and some of the races I’m thinking about throwing on my schedule include the Bluff Rider’s Charge and the Wheelhouse Classic. The nice thing about living in da yoop is that traveling to races in Wisconsin and Minnesota is not too terribly difficult, and I can usually find a good crew to head that way too. Everyone ’round here likes to race.

Rev3 races – Since I am now registered for all three Rev3 events (oooh yeah!), I have to make some decisions. Should I do the premiere race at Knoxville (and my first ever Olympic distance)? I’m currently signed up for the half, because I love the half distance…  Will I be totally tanked after Triple T for the half in Quassy? Personally, I think training in the Keweenaw and racing Triple T will put me in prime position to rock-it at Quassy, but I suppose we’ll see on race day. And of course, there’s the Cedar Point Full, close to home and swimming in Lake Erie with the fishes. 🙂

WORS Mountain Bike Races – Some of my bike buds (including the owners of The Bike Shop) frequent the WORS races, again because they are so dang close. I plan on doing at least one, maybe two of these. WORS is America’s largest mountain bike race series, some serious racers come out to compete. Whether I am racing or spectating, it will be a great time.

Kuparisaari Tri – This will be the first triathlon I’ve ever directed. With the help of Bob, the co-director (former R.D. for the Copperman), we hope to bring the Midwestern Racers one of the most scenic and well organized half iron distance triathlons they’ve seen.

4 thoughts on “Looking forward before digging deep.

  1. Well, the first one is about 20 minutes from where I went to undergrad, and the second one is where one of my former roommates is from.

    I say go for one that’s in Duluth, if you can swing it!

  2. That is an awesome looking schedule! Looking forward to meeting you in Knoxville hopefully as I am in for the series too!

    I have always wanted to do that Triple T. Everyone around here raves about the experience!

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