IcebreakerGT = Awesome

Blogosphere, meet my new favorite shirt – 2010’s Icebreaker GT Dash Tee. I won’t say much right now, but a picture is worth… how many words again? I will leave you with this: If a shirt can make you look soooo good, why wouldn’t you want to get one?

One word: MegaTough

Nevermind all those bikes in the background, that shirt is HOT!


5 thoughts on “IcebreakerGT = Awesome

  1. OK. Nice shirt.

    I’m more amazed though at the sporting goods shop look of your garage. What is that, like 6 bikes? 7 pair of skis? If it wasn’t so darn cold where you live, I’d be envious!

    • thanks, joel ! ooh i wish that was my garage; its my living room! all that crammed into a 1bdrm apartment = we don’t need furniture. 🙂 yep, 6 bikes, only 6 pairs of skis… what we do in our free time… ha!

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