A different kind of Sunday run

Bald eagle soaring, something I probably won't see tomorrow unless I'm watching the Discovery Channel

Every Sunday, I try to get out for a long run with my training partner, Marg. We always have something to chat about, and see some amazing things. Tomorrow’s long run is going to be a little different.

My friend Erik, who is training for Ironman St George, convinced me to run a marathon this weekend. Not just any marathon; a treadmill marathon. He’s done one before (when he was on his second deployment in Iraq as a Marine), but the farthest I’ve ever pushed it was 22 miles. What’s another four? Erik’s time spent training while he was deployed to Iraq got me thinking about all the other guys and gals overseas that aren’t able to enjoy the things that I get to enjoy; being able to run outside for three hours in a nice, cool breeze, being able to race, or even being able to embrace the changing seasons. The melting snow, the blossoming flowers, a lot of our troops on active duty are missing the things many of us take for granted back here in the states. And, although I’m sure some of our troops have exciting jobs, there are most definitely days when things are boring, mindless, cabin-fever-ish for them. So, although I’m sure it would be (much?) easier for me to design a 26.2 mile route outdoors in the beautiful Keweenaw, [especially since it’s going to be 30F and sunny tomorrow – perfect running weather, I think], we’re going to throw down on the “dreadmills” instead. Bonuses? We’ll have access to nutrition at all times, be able to wear shorts, and have easy access to a toilet (just in case).

In honor of this superfun day, I asked some folks on Twitter what a good name for the run would be. Here’s what they had to say (other than “You’re insane”):

The Treaddy Twenty-Six (@YouRHere)

The HamsterWheel Run(@dirtdawg50K)

Who in the Hell Runs a Marathon on a TMill Fun Run (@dirtdawg50K)

Stationary Marathon (@dirtdawg50K)

Trial of Mills (@SilentSportsEd)

I kinda like Run to Nowhere Marathon.

What do you think it should be called?

So tomorrow morning (Sunday) at 8am EST, I’ll be hammerin’ out 26.2 miles on a ‘mill at the gym. Erik will probably be done a good twenty-thirty minutes before me, but luckily I will have friends coming and going to run along, too. And my trusty iPod Shuffle is locked and loaded with music and podcasts for up to 10hours of entertainment. I’ll share the music list with ya’ll after the run. Stay tuned for my detailed race report… ha! Who else is going to join me?

By the way, my runnin’ girl Marg will be joining us for a bit in Sunday-run tradition, as will Baberaham. Neither of them have committed to the full marathon, though. Maybe next time?!

Note: [I think someone swapped my vitamins for crazy pills.]


5 thoughts on “A different kind of Sunday run

  1. Thanks Meg! I like HampsterWheel too. Maybe when I am done I’ll have a good name for it (ahem, wtfwasithinking!?) πŸ™‚

  2. I, too, like the Hampster Wheel Run! I hate treadmills. They truly mess with my stride. I wish you the best and I am lookign forwad to your music list. I’ve been wishing for new music.

    Me, I will be running the dome again (Sunday). I ran Friday and was much stronger. I was able to go around the outer loop and to hops, skips on the end zones on astro turf and then back to outer loops. Then I did sprints on the end zones. I was singing and humming my heart out as all the senior citizens looked at me and my crazed jumping. LOL I am sure I was a sweaty sight! Darn hot in the Dome.

  3. Yep, definitaly crzy pills! Just kidding, that’s a really great thing you’re doing! I hope you have a lot of, um, fun? πŸ™‚

    Also, I was excited to hear about someone doing the st George im! I lived there for like 7 years. That race is going to be brutal! He probably knows, and maybe it won’t be bad for him, but it’s going to be pretty hot and I’ve ridden most of that course and there’s a killer hill just after Gunlock! So give him the heads up.

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