Thanksgiving GUESTS!

I will post photos once I get them from my mom, but I am so excited about this year’s Thanksgiving weekend.

My parents and Adam’s both came up for the holiday to spend some time in the UP and with us. They brought their dogs (Sam and Snoop) and we had a great dinner on Thanksgiving at my advisor’s house. We did some shopping (and the boys went for a hike) and catching up and eating (and more eating) and it was a great time. I really hope they enjoyed themselves. It was so awesome to be able to share the Keweenaw with them on my favorite holiday!

Both our parents left this morning. I had breakfast with mine at the hotel before they took off at 730am and then I went back to sleep! I am relieved that I don’t have to go back to work already (well, really I do, but technically its Saturday). It’s nice to take a day off here and there to do stuff not academia-related, for sure.

One thought on “Thanksgiving GUESTS!

  1. Fun! We just scooted College Boy Shaggy off to school and it actually felt nice because we had a great visit and Thanksgiving and now…we can get back to our routines!! Until the holidays that is…glad you had a nice time with family!

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