What’s the Word?

Thanks for waiting ever-so-patiently, folks.

Here’s the good news that goes with that symbol I put up two-posts-ago:
I am on Team Trakkers for 2010!

What is Team Trakkers?
Team Trakkers is a triathlon racing team sponsored by Trakkers GPS and Rev3, as well as First Endurance,
and Tri Swim. Team Trakkers is made up of about 40 athletes including pros and amateurs. Members of Team Trakkers are superstars in triathlon. They might not all be first-place finishers but their outreach is outstanding. I found out about Team Trakkers through Sonja’s blog and Slowtwitch. So, in September, I applied for the 2010 team. I try not to get my hopes up too much when it comes to sweet gigs like this, so when I got the email that said I was accepted, I jumped for joy!

What is Trakkers GPS?
My mom and pops would love to pack up the truck with their yellow lab and book it to every race I do. Practical? Hardly! Trakkers GPS is designing something different. Trakkers GPS will soon launch their real-time tracking device that athletes wear while they race. So, when I am racing and I have my Trakkers device in my pocket, it will upload, in real-time, where I am on the course to the internet! My parents can then log into the Trakkers GPS website and see where I am and how I’m doing. So, if you were ever wondering of a way for your family and friends to get more involved in your racing, this is it! Most of my family, although they are excited about my racing, would rather not get out there and do it themselves. So, they can race vicariously through me!

What is Rev3?
Again with the whole family-oriented goodness… Rev3 are triathlons that are held at amusement parks! I am super-stoked about doing Rev3 Cedar Point. It will be my fall Iron-distance triathlon, and by registering I get two tickets to Cedar Point! I haven’t been there since I was a sophomore in college. Even better: Cedar Point is only a few hours from my family! We should have a competition in Team Trakkers for who can get the biggest support crew to a race… I think I’d win! Rev3 also has events in Knoxville at the World’s Fair Park and in Connecticut at Quassy Amusement Park (in Middlebury). I hope to make it to all three in 2010!

Why Megan?
That is a very good question. I’d like to think it is because I am super-mega-awesomeness in the form of an endurance geek, but I’m not sure that is entirely the case. Team Trakkers strives to find athletes that are mega-awesome in a lot of ways. They were looking for people who are excited and motivated to promote triathlon, people that love to blog, get involved with triathlon outreach, have a true dedication to the sport… These are all characteristics of the members of Team Trakkers, plus many, many more.

Check out some more Team Trakkers folks*:
Go Sonja
Ironboy Thor
Curly Su
Ironman Sherry
Ann’s Iron Dream
Tri Girl Pink
Bree Wee
Coach Kati
Iron AddictChrissy
Kelly at Tri Mommy Life
Carol at Triathlon Training Blog
Jameson at SwimBikeRunLive
Joel Strickland
Scott Skalny
and of course, Our fearless leader, Carole

If you have any questions, feel free to shoot ’em my way.

*If you’re on Team Trakkers, make sure I add you to the list (post a comment below).

8 thoughts on “What’s the Word?

  1. Wow. there were even a few more Team blogs that I hadn't subscribed to yet. Thanks for the link love!Looking forward to racing with you at Cedar Point (or maybe even sooner).

  2. Congrats girl and thanks for the nice explanation! I actually know two of those girls and you are a part of a MAJOR group of great athletes. You are full of awesomeness-meganess and superness. Eek, that's a teacher's nightmare. Sorry!Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Excellent! Big congrats. I spent all day Sunday cheering on my sister as she did Ironman Arizona. I have so much respect for all of you guys!

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