My new favorite movies

I’m going to let you anticipate the answer to the last post I made… with this totally unrelated post about movies.

I’ve never thought of myself as a Sci-Fi girl. Sure, I loved The Twilight Zone as a kid, and X-Files was one of my favorite shows growing up. But I never really liked Star Wars, and I thought Star Trek was a pile of crap for entertainment.

Recently, though, my favorite flicks have all been from the sci-fi genre. A few weeks ago, Adam and I got The Fountain on Netflix a few weeks ago, and I was not quite ready to watch it as soon as it arrived. It was one of those movies that you need to sit down, focus, pay attention to. We watched it in the afternoon on a weekend, and it was absolutely stunning.

For those that haven’t seen it, I won’t ruin it. I will tell you that it is three stories that are told separately, all of which tie together as the movie progresses (of course!). The cinematography is absolutely amazing, and Hugh Jackman does an incredible job playing the role of a scientist trying to cure brain cancer, and his wife (played by Rachel Weiss) has … you guessed it- brain cancer. Even though the plot line is predictable at times, the stories are amazing. The visual stimuli is incredible. and the movie just rocks.

So we didn’t hesitate to download another movie on Netflix that came up on Adam’s Reddit feed. The movie, Ink, is a low-budget film, but you wouldn’t necessarily guess that by watching it. The writers did a great job with an imaginative, unique storyline. The movie has storytellers, who provide sleeping folk with good dreams, as well as incubi- who are responsible for nightmares. A young child is abducted in her sleep by a being in the night and it is up to the storytellers to save her. The film’s budget was $250,000, yet it really gave me the feeling that I was in the dream (or nightmare). The creativity of this film has rarely been matched. I was so excited to watch it. At first, I thought it was a terror film, because I was jumpy and restless. I hate movies that make me jump. But as the film unraveled and the story line fell into place, it just all came together like pieces of a puzzle. So good!

We have the film, Moon, on the way, which stars Sam Rockwell (also in Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, another good SciFi flick). I’m excited to see this.

Do you know of any other movies that fall in the same “genre” as The Fountain and Ink? If so, let me know! I’d be more than excited to check them out.

2 thoughts on “My new favorite movies

  1. I LOVE the Fountain!!! I always watch it with the subtitles though, because there's so much whispering I can't follow what they're saying:)

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