Guess what?

This week, I found out some really awesome news. It has a lot to do with this little symbol here:

Any guesses?

Oh, and I need to do work on my stash of Larabars. You’d think that stuffing a bar in my backpack every day would dwindle my reserves, but nope! It’s like I keep finding my hidden supply. Yesterday, I found a container chock full of them that my mom gave me last month. Holy cripes. Good thing these bars taste so darn good. They got me through an Ironman, what can’t they do?

3 thoughts on “Guess what?

  1. i'm gonna take a wild guess and say that you got accepted onto the Trakkers GPS team? i recall that being their logo. if so, congrats! i had thought of applying but totally forgot, sounds like an awesome product and i can't wait to hear how it works out.and good call on the Larabars. none of that processed junk and all healthy delicious goodness. i'm actually eating one of their Jocolat bars right now!

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