Where’ve I been?

Good question!

Having spent the last week working on my review paper, making nanoparticles, justifying our research to the Department of Defense, and dabbling in web design, I am now back. Well, almost. I want to finish my review paper this week, but I also want to submit my IL-1ra (anakinra) paper to some journal that will be excited to accept it.

I launched the Team Mega Tough website, and I’m excited for the ladies. We’re all laying low and recovering from an awesome season of racing, but now’s the time to plan our 2010 relay. Where should we go? There’s talk about doing the North Country Trail Relay in western Michigan. That’s the same weekend as a conference of mine in Florida (I think?), so I might not be able to do it, but I know the Mega Tough ladies will hold down the fort without me.

I’m also about to launch my own personal site. I just need to wrap up a few pages and I should have it ready to go. Good thing about GoDaddy deluxe is that I can have more than one domain name, on the same hosting plan, and not pay extra. Score! So I added TMT to it, and bought my own domain. I’ll still have this blog, but I’ll now have a site to direct potential employers, friends, and others to find out more about me. Pretty sweet, I think. I’ll be posting my CV (curriculum vita) and photos, too. Double bonus.

That’s about it. Adam has his qualifying exam tomorrow, so wish him luck!


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