Be Safe Out There

While training this summer for triathlon, I was out on the road a lot by myself. I couldn’t always keep up with the guys, and I wouldn’t always call a friend to go for ride right after work. When I’d have Women’s Cycling Nights in Lake Linden, I’d ride the ten miles or so up to the Rehab center on the crazy-scary-sketchy highway with gravel shoulders and angry drivers.

Anyway, it really got me thinking about my own safety. So Adam and I forked over 30 bucks each and got a RoadID.

What is it?
Road ID is a band you wear around your wrist or ankle. Road ID also make tags you can put on your shoe.

Why do I need this?
So if something happens to you out on the road, you’ll be identifiable.

I always run/bike/ski with my phone. Why would I get one of these?
Because it’s strapped to your body. When I bike, I put my phone in my jersey pocket. If I get hit by a car, my phone can easily get knocked out. Plus, if I were to crash on my bike and land on my phone, it might break- and then what? Even if you always bike with your driver’s license, that can fall out of your pocket, too. Also, your RoadID can display any information on it you deem as important. Got asthma? Have it typed on there. Have an allergy to bee stings? That can be on there, too. You get to type on there whatever you want!

What if I get one of these and then move? The info isn’t valid anymore.
Replacement IDs are nearly half the cost of getting an entirely new ID.

Adam and I have the Elite bands, which have a metal clasp and a rubbery band. Super comfy, and I barely notice it when I am out running and riding. I almost got the ankle ID because it has reflective banding on it, but since I wear pants all winter (and winter is 6+ months of the year…), I thought the wrist ID would be a better go.

Now that the season is changing, the snow will soon fly (well, I guess it already has), and the days are getting shorter and shorter, the importance of this little tool has really been underlined.

So, I just ordered a few gift cards and hats for giveaways at this year’s New Year’s Eve Fun Run and Walk in Hancock. With my order, I got a coupon for $1 off orders. It can be used up to 20 times in the next 30 days, so if you were thinking about getting one of these, now is the time.

You can also use the code: PCLEVI for an additional discount and 100% of the sale’s profit go to Levi Leipheimer’s charities. I don’t know how long this discount will last! Click here to order!

My code for $1 off is: ThanksMegan558805


8 thoughts on “Be Safe Out There

  1. Excellent! I got mine this fall, too. I went for the shoe ID since things around my wrist other than my watch drive me crazy.

  2. or you could get a tatoo of it on you, or if you are a cheapskate like me, write it in marker, then you can change colors/positions based on your mood

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