Are you ready yet?

This weekend will be the start of a new chapter in my athletism: My first triathlon. I am really excited, because its just outside of the Minneapolis/St Paul area and I will get to spend time with some really awesome friends. I rode the QRoo for group ride tonight, and it was smooth and comfortable. I felt like the hills were easily manageable, and I felt confident in the aero position… for the first time outside! Making progress… I’m also somewhat nervous. What if I forget my goggles? What will I do if I flat? Twice? And how to do I wear my hair? Seriously, it’s at a weird length and won’t all stay in a pony tail under my helmet. HELP!

Just now, Caleb asked Adam if I’d ridden my bike in a while. Why? Because my tire pressure is about 40psi. Who knew you had to check your tires every time you went out? Turns out, he said, I’m not a cyclist. But am I a triathlete? I suppose we’ll see on Saturday morning, when I’m treading water in Lake Independence around a bunch of other athletes with blue caps on their heads and butterflies in their stomachs. Until then, I’m signing off. See you on the flipside, when you will find out just how long this chapter will be.


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